VOL. 2

by bedside

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released March 8, 2017



all rights reserved


bedside Baltimore, Maryland

i dunno i'm david hi

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Track Name: Andy
would you fuck that man?
let me ask you again
would you fuck that man?
would you fuck that man?

if it isn't clear
what i'm asking you is
would you engage in casual sex
with the host of man vs. food?

or maybe not so casual
you could fall in love
you could move to new york
and he could cook you burgers

would you fuck that man?
would you fuck that man?
let me ask you again
would you fuck that man?
Track Name: Billy
i think maybe one of the best sentences i've ever committed to saying out loud
was "tonight i'm getting grilled cheese with a guy i met on craigslist"
we jammed together in the confines of my old cramped bedroom
and it wasn't so strange, not at all i don't think

you had some cool ideas

but time got the best of us
so we haven't seen each other much
but maybe sometime i'll run into you
at a show and we'll catch up
Track Name: Emily
i'm not gonna lie when paul wanted to bring you on at first
i was worried and unsure. i mean don't get me wrong i'd seen you live and i thought you were very funny.
but writing with someone new seemed like something i couldn't do.
after the first meeting though those doubts were all but smashed
i realized right then that you were a ball of light and an easy friend
working with you was such a joy and we were very sad to see you go.
we miss you, you know?
but you really helped out with the show.
Track Name: Forrest
at first i thought "who is that snapback wearing tool that i have to live next to for the next year?"
and then you started wishing me good luck whenever i went to the bathroom
i thought that was a pretty good bit - it let me see who you really were, i think

fast forward to now, over four years later, and you live states away from here
you've grown into a wholly different person, it seems, and certainly into one of my best friends
but i'm seriously glad you ditched the snapbacks.
Track Name: Hannah
oh man you've got the coolest dogs
it's hard not to write a song
about them instead of you
i hope that's cool?

it's just that they're really cute
and i wanna hug 'em tight
do they ever sleep next to you?
or are you the type-a-dude
who says "no dogs on my furniture at all"
Track Name: Hannah
oh hannah you've been around since my internet days
what a gauzy haze, what a gauzy haze
oh hannah you've stuck around through some weird changes in my life
that's why i want you as a wife, will you be my wife


i know that seems sudden at best
and maybe it don't make much sense
but after years i can finally admit
you're all i've ever really wanted
Track Name: Humza
heard your name kicked around for years
always thought, "he sounds kinda weird"
and then i met you
and it was easy - falling in love.

"he makes art and he's pretty smart"
i gushed about you from the very start
to anyone who would listen
to all i could say

oh humza
would you be mine
until the end of days?
Track Name: Jennifer
the first time we ever spoke was the recording of a podcast
and that's kind of strange i guess
and that's kind of cool i guess

and now you're far, far too far, to a place where comedy does not last
i'm talking about italy
i'm not sure what that even means

the show will have to wait and so will all the fans that we've amassed
follow the just guy things cast
we're on soundcloud and itunes like the rest

sorry, i got a little sidetracked, enjoy your time abroad
i hope it doesn't last too long
we've got some fieri to joke on
Track Name: Jim
spent 20 years with you always near
then you moved as far away as i could guess
you seem happier than you ever did
in all that time in the good ol' u.s.

i've spent many nights wondering why
i grew up and act the way that i am
and i can't help but think, that in some way
i am indebted to you in the end

oh brother of mine
you've learned to wisely spend your time
Track Name: Johnny
there are very few people that i feel like i learn from
but every time i talk to you i feel like i learn something new

you've grown so damn much and sometimes it kinda sucks
i miss playing video games together in the living room but it's cool

we've been through hell and back - that's not something that is whack
it's really true and i'm not sure what i'd do without you
Track Name: Kasey
one time i went all the way to ohio
no offense but what an awful place it was
but you were fun even though i spent the weekend terrified
and do you remember when i blew $100 because i couldn't get a ride?

at this point in the song i got very distracted by my dog
Track Name: Mark
the general consensus on mark seems to be
he's a hot frat boy, someone you'd want to be
but personally, i'm fond of one particular memory
we skipped out on production and drank at the campus bar

i had fun that day dude, seriously
Track Name: Ngaire
i don't remember how we even met
was it on the internet?
that's how i meet most of my friends
but it's been more than a couple years

we haven't talked that much but
sometimes your name comes up
and everyone seems to agree
you're the kinda blessing this world needs

(sorry the levels in this song are kinda outta control, i tried fixing it and it did not go very well)
Track Name: Nicole
remember that time, i think it was my 21st birthday
or maybe it was my 20th birthday, i don't know for sure
you came to my dorm room and knocked on my door
and i was on acid while watching bee movie starring jerry seinfeld
oh my god i hope my uncle doesn't listen to this song
he liked the original status i posted and also is a cop or something like that
i mean i'm serious though i don't do those kinds of things anymore
i get drunk every once in a while and who among us doesn't like...smoke...at least some weed?
but not often. i'm serious. i hope i don't get arrested for this.
well anyway that must have been weird
seeing my face all flush, talking to my girlfriend on skype
i was tripping pretty bad. did you even notice? did i even mention?
god, what a strange time it was
Track Name: Teddy
writing a song for another musician is pretty stressful
for example, i think this sounds kind of cool, maybe you do too
but it's okay. basement beers rock and so do you.
from day one, i always thought you were pretty damn cool.