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any money i get from this will go to planned parenthood. contact me if you don't wanna pay via this site.

this contains a lot of acoustic songs i wrote late at night about my friends. some love songs. a really bad death metal song. i pretend i can play the piano. i went through a few different guitar tunings. yeah


released February 14, 2017

i did all of this unfortunately



all rights reserved


bedside Baltimore, Maryland

i dunno i'm david hi

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Track Name: Ryan
ryan hauck, i hope that's how you say it
you said your profile picture was a bird

i expected a hawk but a hawk it was not
disappointment was all that i heard

we met on craigslist, a place full of wonder
i hope you don't end up killing me

that would be strange and this song would be evidence
and a courtroom would hear my useless plea
Track Name: Jamie
oh potato boy
it means the world to me
when you take the time to tag me in dog photos

oh sweet sweet soul
i hope you know
it makes me happy when you know i'm feelin' low

how cool could you be?
i trust you, 'cuz you're cool

really likes potatoes
i hope you also like me
Track Name: Brandon
i remember the first time
i met you on the internet
you bullied me all night
and i acted like i didn't give a shit

i remember the second time
we talked on the internet
that time was cool, i think
and then somehow we were friends

you're a buddy
you're a pal
you're swell, i dunno how
else to say
that i think
you're a
pretty chill guy.
Track Name: Mike
mike ruiz, you're an alright guy.
tell me now, what makes you sigh?
you alright? you just fine? are you alright?

mike ruiz, are you okay?
some days i dunno, it don't seem that way.
mike ruiz, please, please, please.

it's been a while, yeah, you moved far away.
i don't know what more to say.
mike ruiz! mike ruiz!
Track Name: Kait
kait, oh kait
do you know i love you so?
if only you'd just say
i'd stay forever you know

it's been a couple of years
it's been a long long time
but every time i see your face
i want you for mine

kait, oh kait
do you know i love you so?
if only you'd just say
i'd stay forever you know
Track Name: Sarah
sarah preis, always thought you were nice
what a great boss to have in your life
you kept us all stitched together
and for that the retriever owes you forever

you stayed on top of things
you made us use our brains
you increased productivity
and mostly you were cool
Track Name: Luke
luke - these are the kinds of sounds i associate with you
deep, dark, and kind of awfully true
sometimes they might even sound blue
and i think your songs are better than this
but i'd be amiss if i didn't confess
i hope you come to baltimore
we could jam, make some tunes, it'd be fun
Track Name: Thien-An
the first time that we met we both ended up feeling pretty bad
but from then on, it went up, and i fell for you from the start
i looked in and out and i looked out i realized what my life was missing now
it was you, thien-an, be mine until my dread is gone

the days get better when you're around, i'm fine
the days get better when you're around, i'm fine
the days get better when you're around, i'm fine
Track Name: Anjana
well, you threw up
you spilled out all your guts
right in that airport

the woman looked on
in terror and fright
nothing felt right to us

and i just left you there
you were sick and scared
but what was there to be done

as time went on
we were able to laugh
but at the time, god
it sure was bad
Track Name: David
my depressed friend, i hope you know
i really like you, i'm serious though
you're a writer and sometimes i don't think i am
you get pop culture like no one else can

we got the same name
we got the same things
crawling up and down our necks

classes with you were always pretty tight
i mean, that's right, right? that's probably fine, right?
sometimes you'd school me but i guess that makes sense
considering, you know, how we met
Track Name: Joseph
what an awesome stache
i wish i looked like that
i looked it up, you studied math?
i would have never guessed
then again we've never talked
i don't know why, not at all
i'm sure we'd be good friends
maybe after i post this song?
or things will go back to being
just like this
Track Name: Chris
there was a time when you were a straight edge boy playing sonic innocently in my room
fast forward one year or so and you're getting drunk, oh no, you figured out a way to pump booze through your halloween costume's mask
the other night you watched me stream notepad while i drunkenly typed nonsense
i'm not sure why i did that, i'm not sure why i did that.

thanks fer puttin up with me.
Track Name: Lin
lin what a genius you have been
what a ball of light
that just might
keep on burnin' on and on
lin what a friend you have been
not all that close but
as good as you can get
lin what a genius you have been
Track Name: Eli
eli, you're the kinda guy i could fall for
your beautiful face matches your beautiful voice
i used to listen on to your songs in awe but
it was never quite the same as it would be in person
if that's not love then i'm not sure what is
eli, would you make me the happiest person?
Track Name: Ronny
too much discourse
too much discourse

i mean don't get me wrong though you're usually right's cool, it's good.