VOL. 3

by bedside

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here we go! sorry this took FOREVER. i got sick for a while, i didn't have a computer, i lost a bunch of files, shit got crazy. anyway. enjoy or don't i don't care really!


released May 14, 2017



all rights reserved


bedside Baltimore, Maryland

i dunno i'm david hi

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Track Name: Athenas
i can't believe i got catfished by a platonic friend in the year 2017
how dumb could i have been
how didn't i pick up on the signs
like when you asked if i had ever seen the mtv show catfish starring max and nev
jesus christ it was obvious
but it's all cool, it didn't really matter much

i still enjoyed playing roblox at odd hours
and murdering what i can only assume are very strange children
well not actually killing children. but like. their avatars
their shitty little blocky avatars. that was fun
Track Name: Bao
bao....bao asked for a love song. god

bao you asked for a love song
but don't you remember that one time
someone said you and i would meet up together
at a trash can because we'd be vomitting because of each other

but maybe
we were too young
to understand
our love

after all when i saw you in the airport
and you immediately quoted a regrettable internet post i made
and i screamed "UGH FUCK YOU" in public
well that could be love, right? i mean it could be

but maybe
we were too young
to understand
our love
Track Name: Brent
brent wang
you can go fuck yourself
i don't have any reason
for that beyond:

you asked for an angry song
and i don't feel like getting my electric guitar out
to write you an angrier song
that you would get hype about.

fuck you.
fuck you.
i hope you like this.
but if not fuck you.

Track Name: Haylee
i was supposed to write this song
by the time your birthday rolled around
but i'm afraid i dropped the ball
as i am wont to do
which is quite a shame
because whenever you reach out
you show concern for me
where little others do

so happy birthday
more than a month late
hopefully those kids
didn't give you too much trouble

so happy birthday
it might even be two months by now
hopefully it was alright
and you, i dunno, made some memes
Track Name: Jason
is it weird to say
sometimes i think about how you're doing?
i know we don't talk much
in fact, have we ever really?

well, still, i hope you're okay
every post i see of yours makes me smile
remember the folk punk days? man that shit was wild
now we're both 23 and who gives a shit about anything
Track Name: Jeff
who woulda thought that getting stoned in a parking lot
would lead to a friend like you? well it means a lot, it means a lot
some nights when i felt estranged and lonely and scared and things were lame
you were the only one to sit and listen to me sob on our couch
and we would play video games. and we would talk about our feelings and how we're strange
and we would do our grocery shopping together, well you'll be one of my best friends forever

i'm thankful for you and yeah, i stole this song, i know i did
i just thought it'd be cool 'cuz it has some significance.
we'd sing along, in your car or in our room, whatever we would do, whatever we would do
Track Name: John
hey john
i don't really recall
how we ever came into contact
on the internet
but you've been a friend
as sweet as they come
and as good as they get

sometimes when i feel low
i just let you know
and you say kind things
and i smile
and you say kind things
for a while

hey john
i mean i kinda know i guess
i followed your blog
but how did we ever talk?
it's been years
since any of that
was any relevant
and i'm still glad we talk after all of it
Track Name: Kevin
hey, boyo, how's life in boston?
i miss those late night talks we had sometimes
drunker than ever, pouring out our minds
somehow landing up smoking cigars in the city

we've come a long way since that faithful day
where i threw an unused condom at you for some unknown reason
you ended up sitting on top of me
that's pretty funny i think, like in retrospect at least

there's this picture, taken freshman year
of us together - my face is bright and red
i had too much to drink and it was obvious
but you didn't seem to mind

that's how it's always been with you
you keep your head down, you keep it cool
you let it go when i'm a bother
and that's why you'll be a good friend forever
Track Name: Matt
we've played video games together
for almost 10 years now
we've never even met in person
but i'm sure you'd be great to be around

we would get drunk and make all kinds of weird jokes
we would stumble around while listening to ska or something, i dunno
we would get stoned and paint pictures that made no sense
we would spend some time killing virtual enemies like best friends

on the other coast
lies a friend who i love the most
Track Name: Natalee
this is a love song
for someone i don't know
no seriously
who are you?
but i guess i love you
in the same sense
that i love most people
you know?

i don't even know how
we became friends on facebook dot com
but your content must be inoffensive
or unnoticeable at least.
i'm sorry this isn't much of a love song
but again, and i'm serious here
i have no idea
who you even are

thanks 4 participating in this i love this song this is what this is all about WOoooooo
Track Name: Rayma

i am easily scared
so when you started talkin to me outta no where
and you were oh so nice
i was like, what the fuck, is this right?

so i started asking around
and everyone was like,
"yeah, she's just like that
she's nice."

and i would have to agree,
you're kind to everyone you see,
and i would have to agree,
you're kind to everyone you see,

paul and i both thought
that you would be a good choice for our dumb little project
and you've blown expectations away
that's what everyone would say

and i would have to agree,
you're a talent to be seen,
and i would have to agree,
you're a talent to be seen,
Track Name: Sam
would you be my manual
to love and the great unknown?

i'd make joke
about man ass
but i feel like that may be a little too crass.

but baby,
well don't you see i need you?
'cause all the nights i am without you
is like a dog chained up and starved for far too long
and i don't think i'll handle it much longer.
Track Name: Shiva
shiva you reacted to my status with a heart...and for most people that means i write them a love song. but for you that'd be super weird because...

you're like a little sister to me
that's why i chose to write
a song about just who you'll fall in love with
in the end of this i'm sure

they'll be kind
at least they better be
they'll wait to talk, just you wait and see
you'll find the love that you oh so deserve

we'll go on double dates
and they will tolerate my stupid antics
and that's not just semantics
because i'm really quite the curse

i'm gonna party
at the wedding, i'm sure they'll be
as fly as ever
and you'll dance to kpop or something
Track Name: Sophia
how's life up in boston?
have you been making new friends?
do you talk to them about yaddles?
that's the female yoda, basically
have you read up on any new fleshlights?
are there any new developments?
maybe a blue one for people to pretend
to fuck the characters from james cameron's avatar

i hope none of my other friends
listen to this song at all
because i don't want them to think
i lost my shit
have fun
Track Name: Will
we danced the night away in my kitchen
well the talking heads, they ain't speaking no more

you flew away, off in the distance
and with each mile my heart cracked once more

oh boy, what a boy, what a joy you are
and now there's a rowdy absence in my life

will someone please help me catch my breath?
will, will you ever come back?
Track Name: Whatever Feels Good (Tadaima Cover)
just throwing this cover on here because i think people should check out the Taidama EP as it is really fuckin' good, alright alright

tomorrow's gonna be worse than yesterday, and yesterday was shit, every day is shit

well i want someone to talk to and i have nothing to say
just staring waiting for those dots to show
the longer do that, well the weirder that i get
just staring waiting for those dots to show

i don't wanna do anything without you. i don't wanna be anywhere you aren't. i just wanna do whatever feels good.

do you feel good when you're with me?
'cuz i feel good when i'm with you